Youth Forum Activities

Preaching Activities:-

  • One-time slide show seminars like ‘Stress Management’ ‘Time Management’ for awareness.
  • Six-session slide show course called ‘Discover Your Self’ for learning basics of spirituality.
  • Weekly Study Circles Three courses each lasting for 4 months -‘Spiritual scientist’, ‘Positive Thinker’, ‘Self Manager’
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Advanced  courses :-

Those who complete the above can join ‘Proactive leader’ and ‘Personality Development’ courses.

IYF objectives:-

  • Saving youth from self destructive habits
  • Use all the available talents for propagating message of the Vedas
  • Presenting spirituality as a Science
  • Creating Leaders of Tomorrow


Cultural Activities:-

IYF organises and runs festivals, retreats, music, dramas, discussions, presentations, debates, and more, to spread the message of Krishna Consciousness to youth.

Prerana Youth Festival :

IYF organizes a quarterly special youth festival called ‘PRERANA’ where over a thousand boys participate in program consisting of a seminar, kirtans, dancing and Prasadam. Special eminent speakers are invited for this program.

Essence of Bhagavad Gita :- Six day classes ended in six week.

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